The dot-matrix projector rc_randomdot is specifically tailored to be used with an rc_visard. The rc_randomdot is utilized when the perception of particularly difficult scenes with little or no natural texture is required. It can be mounted over a scene or directly on any rc_visard. By projecting a semirandom dot pattern, it increases the scene density and hence improves the quality of stereo matching when the natural scene texture is low.


Fig. 1 rc_randomdot White

The terms “projector”, “rc_randomdot White”, and “rc_randomdot” used throughout the manual all refer to the Effilux rc_randomdot family of semirandom dot projectors with rectangular housing. Installation and control for all projectors are exactly the same, and all use the same mounting base.


This manual uses the metric system and mostly uses the units meter and millimeter. Unless otherwise specified, all dimensions in technical drawings are in millimeters.