LED colors

During the boot process of the rc_visard, the rc_randomdot will flash several times. The status LED will should turn green almost immediately. During normal operation the following colors of the rc_randomdot can be observed.

Table 7 rc_randomdot status LED colors
LED color rc_randomdot status
red Overtemperature Warning: Projector temperature has exceeded 75°C
blue Trigger signal active
green rc_randomdot is ready

Hardware issues

LED does not illuminate

The rc_randomdot does not start up.

  • Ensure that cables are connected and secured properly.
  • Ensure that adequate DC voltage (22 V to 29 V) with correct polarity is applied to the power connector at the pins labeled as Power and Ground as described in the device’s pin assignment specification. Connecting the sensor to voltage outside of the specified range, to alternating current, with reversed polarity, or to a supply with voltage spikes will lead to permanent hardware damage.

LED turns red while the projector appears to function normally

This may indicate a high housing and power LED temperature. The projector might be mounted in a position that obstructs free airflow around the cooling fins.

  • Clean cooling fins and housing.
  • Ensure a minimum of 10 cm free space in all directions around cooling fins to provide adequate convective cooling.
  • Ensure that ambient temperature is within specified range.

The projector may turn off when cooling is insufficient or the ambient temperature exceeds the specified range.

Reliability issues and/or mechanical damage

This may be an indication of ambient conditions (vibration, shock, resonance, and temperature) being outside of specified range. Please refer to the specification of environmental conditions.

  • Operating the rc_randomdot outside of specified ambient conditions might lead to damage and will void the warranty.

Electrical shock when touching the projector

This indicates an electrical fault in sensor, cabling, or power supply or adjacent system.

  • Immediately turn off power to the system, disconnect cables, and have a qualified electrician check the setup.
  • Ensure that the projector housing is properly grounded; check for large ground loops.