Connectivity kit

Roboception offers an optional connectivity kit to aid customers with setting up the rc_visard and rc_randomdot. The connectivity kit consists of a:

  • network cable with straight M12 plug to straight RJ45 connector in either 2 m, 5 m, or 10 m length,
  • power adapter cable with straight M12 socket to DC barrel connector in 30 cm length,
  • 24 V, 60 W desktop power supply.

For permanent installation, the customer is responsible for providing a suitable power supply.

Connecting the rc_visard and rc_randomdot to residential or office grid power requires a power supply that meets EN 55011 Class B emission standards and/or EN 55032 Class B emission standards. The power supply contained in the connectivity kit is certified accordingly. However, it does not meet immunity standards for industrial environments under EN 61000-6-2.


Only a short cable to connect power and GPIOs between rc_visard and rc_randomdot is supplied as standard equipment with the rc_randomdot. It can be used for permanently connecting an rc_visard to an rc_randomdot mounted on top of it. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain appropriate parts for all other scenarios. The following sections provide an overview of suggested components.

Power connections

The rc_randomdot contains an 8-pin A-coded M12 plug connector for power and GPIO connectivity to the robot controller. Various cabling solutions can be obtained from third party vendors. A selection of M12 to open ended cables is provided below. Customers are required to provide power and GPIO connections to the cables according to the pinouts described in Wiring. Both the rc_visard’s and rc_randomdot’s housing must be connected to ground.

Sensor/Actor cable M12 socket to open end

  • Straight M12 socket connector to open end, shielded, 10m length: Phoenix Contact SAC-8P-10,0-PUR/M12FS SH, Art.Nr.: 1522891
  • Angled M12 socket connector to open end, shielded 10m length: Phoenix Contact SAC-8P-10,0-PUR/M12FR SH, Art.Nr.: 1522943

Sensor/Actor M12 socket for field termination

  • Phoenix Contact SACC-M12FS-8CON-PG9-M, Art.Nr.:1513347
  • TE Connectivity T4110001081-000 (plastic housing)

Power supplies

The rc_visard and rc_randomdot are classified as EN-55011 Class B devices and are immune to light industrial and industrial environments. For connecting the sensor to residential grid power, a power supply under EN 55011/55022 Class B has to be used.

It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain and install a suitable power supply for permanent use in industrial environments. One example that satisfies both EN 61000-6-2 and EN 55011/55022 Class B is the DIN-Rail mounted PULS MiniLine ML70.100 24V/DC 3 A by PULS GmbH ( A certified electrician must perform installation.

Only one set of rc_visard and rc_randomdot shall be connected to a power supply at any time, and the total length of cables must be less than 30 m.

Spare parts

No user-serviceable spare parts are currently available for rc_randomdot devices.